I am a Associate Professor in the Computer Systems Department at the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia).

I am also a Senior Research Scientist in Computer Systems Lab at the Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia).

Research Interests

My research interests: high-performance parallel and distributed computing systems, parallel programming tools, algorithms and software optimization.

Current research interests include: scalable topology-aware collective communication algorithms, hierarchical task mapping, MPI benchmarking, multithreading (scheduling, scalable synchronization, lock-free data structures, software transactional memory).


  • Distributed Data Processing // SibSUTIS, Fall 2019
  • Parallel Computing Technologies // SibSUTIS, Fall 2019
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming // ISP SB RAS, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing // School of Data Analysis, Yandex Spring (Spring 2014-2016)
  • High-Performance Computing Systems // SibSUTIS, 2010-2016
  • Data Structures & Algorithms // SibSUTIS, 2012-2016
  • Theory of Distributed Computer Systems Functioning Organization // SibSUTIS, 2010-2013
  • Theory of Computational Processes // SibSUTIS, 2006-2012

Current & Past PhD Students


Positions / Curriculum Vitae   EN RU

2005-present Associate Professor at SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
2006-present Senior Research Scientist at ISP SB RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
2016 Doctor of Science at SibSUTIS
2005-2008 Candidate of Science (PhD) at SibSUTIS
2006 Software Engineer (Intern) at Intel (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
2000-2005 Software Engineer at DCKT (Gorno-Altaysk, Russia)
2000-2005 Undergrad. student at Gorno-Altaysk State University